Working closely with Imagination, Mill+ helped create this innovative interactive experience for Jaguar.

My role: Developer / Technical Artist

The experience toured at different motor shows around the world, allowing Jaguar's customers to interact with the stand and have a memorable experience. The Jaguar had five bespoke interactions that reacted to movements of the audience in realtime, using AI gesture recognition to attract the Jaguar, allow it to freeplay, recognise clapping and react to obstacles, as well as giving each visitor an AR photograph takeaway.

Over the course of this project, I worked on the look development of the jaguar and the environment. Taking care of aspects such as texturing, shading, lighting and particle effects.
I also programmed the UI and the user analytic tools to keep track of how many people interacted with the application.
After the team considered that the first pass of the application was a bit too complex for the final user, I was in charge of developing a simpler and more straight-forward experience. In this second pass, the Jaguar wouldn't follow the player's location in front of the screen, but it'd still react to the player's actions.

Jaguar Look Development: retopo, texturing, shading and grooming.

Environment Lighting and Shading, UI, Animation Transitions Programming and FXs.

Visual Effects. Pillars' animation by Haydn Roff.