A VR experience that allows users to get ‘hands on’ with The Mill BLACKBIRD®, the world’s first fully adjustable car rig that creates photoreal, CG cars.

My role: Lead Developer / Lead Artist

The Mill BLACKBIRD® VR enables users to inspect every component of the multi-award winning production tool in VR and explore each of its bespoke functions via an interactive guided tour.

During my time working on this project, I was in charge of developing the main functionalities and mechanics of the experience. I was also responsible for texturing, shading and lighting of the cars and the environment, as well as optimizing the assets to achieve the target framerate in VR.


Ability to switch between different car models in order to see how the Blackbird is able to adapt to different wheels and chassis.

Choose between different 360 environments to see how they reflect on the cars.

Clicking on the various components allows to hear a more in depth explanation.

Playing the "making of" video will switch the lighting.