Unreal For All Creators

My role: Technical Artist

Directed by The Mill’s FILFURY, the entire production was crafted in CGI using Unreal Engine. Created during global lockdown across time zones, ‘Unreal for Creators’ was developed to inspire developers and creators everywhere, giving them a glimpse into the limitless possibilities of the Unreal Engine.

In this project I was in charge of the robot sequence.
I optimised the geometry and the textures of the robot to adjust them to the resolution we were aiming for, as the original asset was initially intended for a VR game.
I also worked on the layout, texturing and shading of the environments. I did the lighting of the bedroom, but the museum environment was lit by my mate Dave Witters. I helped him by optimising the uv's of the assets in order to speed up the Lightmass Baking process while getting the best quality out of it.
Finally, I imported the animations, added custom lights per-shot, and rendered the sequences out.